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About Patiova and Our Products - Patiova Outdoor Products


Patiova outdoor living essentials can transform your backyard into an extension of your home’s interior and help you and your family live inside out.

When you think about it, these are outdoor products that help you create experiences and memories. With a backyard playset, the kids will spend more time outdoors, not only strengthening their bodies but building stronger relationships with their siblings and friends.

For you, a new outdoor patio dining set might create more opportunities for inviting your family, friends, and neighbors over for a meal and conversation or for relaxing while enjoying a beautiful outdoor setting.

Since 1982, we’ve been helping homeowners who want these things and desire quality, lasting value, and products that reflect their personal style. If that sounds like you, then we think Patiova might be a great fit.

What You Can Expect From Patiova

Superior Craftsmanship & Value. Crafting beautiful outdoor furniture, playsets, and arbors that you’ll love, and will last you a lifetime, is what we care about most.

Elegant Designs. We design and build outdoor furniture refined in its elegance but durable enough to withstand the elements. You can customize our products to suit your style and design preferences.

Excellent Service. Exceeding your expectations is our goal. Our customers love that we always answer the phone (during regular business hours), have short lead times, and respond to emails quickly.


We have been shopping for playsets for a few months. From the moment we touched the first Eagle playset, we knew that these were different. They were so sturdy and didn’t creak or rock with an adult on them. It arrived last week and the kids (neighborhood too) love it.

Product Warranty

All Patiova products carry a limited manufacturer’s warranty for a specified period of time-based on the product(s) category type of the product you purchased and purchase or installation date. The following Patiova product categories follow the warranty policies below:

  • All Patiova Poly Outdoor Furniture made with Poly Lumber carries a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty after the purchase date.
  • All Patiova Wood Outdoor Furniture made with Southern Yellow Pine Wood carries a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty after purchase date.
  • All Patiova Wooden Garden Arbors & Arbor Swing Sets carry a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty after purchase date.
  • All Patiova Vinyl Playsets carry a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty after the Playset installation date.
  • All Patiova Wood Playsets carry a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty after the Playset installation date.

Where To Buy Patiova Outdoor Products

You can rely on our network of helpful dealers to help you find or customize your outdoor dining furniture, playset, arbor, or yard décor item. Your dealer can order an item for pickup at their location, or they can deliver it to your home. Most dealers also provide setup services.

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