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Playground Landscape Fabric


Landscape Fabric

Why Use Landscape Fabric?



It is essential to lay landscape fabric beneath mulch when constructing a playground because landscape fabric is one of the best weed stoppers for a playground. Landscape fabric acts as a weed barrier and prevents heavy mulch, such as shredded rubber mulch, from sinking into the soil when the ground gets wet. By laying out landscape fabric, you’ll make your layer of mulch last longer.

Benefits of Using Landscape Fabric

Retards weed growth.

No more pesky weeds to worry about.

Resists mildew and insects.

It keeps your child safe.

Allows water to flow into soil.

A dry play area is a cleaner play area.

Minimizes erosion.

Keeps your mulch in place longer.

Woven Polypropylene Fabric

This 3.2 oz fabric is UV-stabilized, extremely strong, water and air permeable, and far superior to sheet plastic proving it to be an effective weed blocker.

  • Lay an initial layer of landscape fabric in a north-south pattern.
  • Overlap sheets of landscape fabric by 6–12 inches (15–30 cm).
  • Cut holes or slits in landscape fabric as necessary to lay fabric around the base of swing set supports.
  • Lay a second layer in an east-west pattern (at right angles to the first layer). Overlap sheets of fabric by 6–12 inches.
  • Use these landscape staples to secure your fabric to the ground.

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Don’t Forget the Rubber Mulch

Don’t Forget the Borders

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