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Must Have Playset Options — Patiova — Accessories

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Must Have Playset Options

April 1, 2021

Most people can appreciate the value of a nice playset, but one of the things that many people can tend to overlook is choosing all of the right accessories for the backyard playset of your dreams. There are a number of basic accessories that people will typically add, however there are plenty of other options that people tend to overlook that can add a whole new dimension or range of possibilities for play or just to get the adults involved. Here are some of the must-have accessories to complete your wood or vinyl backyard playset.

1. Hammock Swing

The Hammock Swing is one of the most overlooked swing options in our lineup, especially considering the new dimension it can add to a playset!
While kids are always sure to enjoy it, especially for reading or just a place to take a break for a bit, the real advantage of it is giving you an adult seat to sit and enjoy the outdoors and playset along with your children. Many people appreciate the opportunity to have a truly comfortable place to sit to spend some time with their children on the playset.

2. Sky Glider

The Sky Glider is another often-overlooked attachment option. It’s only offered as standard on one of our sets, the Challenger 66A, but it’s something that offers a novel and interesting new play experience for children. It consists of a rail with a slider on it and a swing hanging from the slider. The cyclone seat is the most popular option, but others are available as well!

3. Built-In Picnic Table

The built-in picnic table is another great addition to your playset that just about any children will enjoy! It can be added pretty easily to almost any set, and always ends up being one of the highlights for hosting tea parties, dinners, etc.

4. Hanging Swing

A hanging swing is one of the best ways to get everyone involved in the outdoors with a playset! Hanging swings like the one in the English Garden Style shown here are easy to add to a playset, and like many of the other items on this list, can completely change the feel of a playset. Hanging swings are a great place to relax and watch the kids play on the set, and they can easily be upgraded with cushions and pillows. They can be attached to an existing swing beam or a separate dedicated swing beam on another side of the structure!

5. Lemonade Stand

For kids looking to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit, look no further than the lemonade stand! Available as an attachment for the bottom of a playset in place of a sandbox, it consists of walls on three sides and a small shelf counter on the fourth side.

Be sure to consider it for your playset!

These are some great options to consider as you think about designing or customizing a set of your own! While not necessarily the most popular options, it’s always a great idea to consider adding some things that are a little less common, but have the ability to add new dimensions and experiences to your playset.