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How to Care for Poly Furniture — Patiova — Outdoor Furniture

How to Care for Poly Furniture

January 1, 2021

We recently put up a guide to maintaining our wood furniture. Naturally, the next step is doing the same for poly. While poly typically requires less maintenance than wood, there are still a few things you can do to ensure that your poly furniture is always looking its best.

One of the most significant differences for consideration when choosing between wood and poly is the amount of maintenance required to keep them looking great. While wood requires significant maintenance on at least an annual basis, poly furniture such as Adirondack chairs or dining sets needs only cleaning. Unlike wood, poly can last for years without cracking, splitting, chipping, or fading. While these things may occur on a limited basis, poly technology continues to improve. It is already well beyond comparison regarding maintenance.

As for the cleaning required, all you need to do is wash your furniture pieces with soap and water anytime you notice a buildup of dirt or stains. While more stubborn stains may require a bit more effort than others, a scrub brush can generally take care of the more difficult ones.

Basic dish soap is one of the best and easiest soaps to use while cleaning your furniture. You won’t need to worry about it damaging the poly at all. It’s also gentle enough to not worry about it getting on your skin or clothes. Just rinse first, then scrub any spots or dirt with soap and rinse again. If you’re doing it outside, you’ll want to make sure you’re using biodegradable soap.
After washing, it’s a great idea to look over all of your furniture for any loose screws or other components that may be damaged or rusting. While at Patiova, we use all stainless steel hardware, which is very resistant to rust. Damage can still occur in significantly adverse or wet environments, such as in the vicinity of ocean spray.

As you can see, it takes minimal maintenance, just a necessary cleaning to keep your furniture looking awesome. Follow these steps, and you can keep your poly furniture looking great for years to come!