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How to Create the Backyard Space of Your Dreams

January 15, 2021

How ever you like to enjoy the outdoors, make it happen with Patiova. Moving through the process of creating your very own backyard oasis starts with a vision. However, turning your vision into reality can be challenging. Fortunately for you, the experts here at Patiova put together a blueprint to help you create the backyard of your dreams and ensure the space you create is comfortable, inviting, and beautiful.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Desires

When looking to create a backyard space, the first thing to do is evaluate what you want carefully and need in a backyard space.

Questions to consider:

  • What do you want to use your outdoor space for?
  • Do you want a space to entertain in?
  • Do you want a space to relax and get away from everything?
  • Do you want an area with maximum versatility?

Step 2: Evaluate Your Surroundings

The next step is to evaluate the space you have. It’s essential to look at things like the size of your outdoor area, the surrounding area, and your current location.

Considerations to keep in mind:

  •  How large is the space?
  • Is there enough room to accomplish what you want to?
  • What are your surroundings?
  • Are you in a noisy area or somewhere quiet?
  • What environmental factors could affect your space? (e.g., sun, air quality, water, wind, etc.)
  • Are there features you will need to build around?

Step 3: Add Structures or Surfaces

In step three, you will want to evaluate the space to see if there are any outdoor structures you would like to add, such as an arbor for an entryway, a gazebo for cooking and outdoor dining, a pavilion for entertaining, a pergola to gather under, or a playset to add an environment for children to play. You can also determine if you want to add any surfaces, such as a deck, patio, or fire pit area.

You’ll want to carefully consider what you’ll be using the space for in this step. Suppose you’re looking for a casual hangout area to gather around a fire. In that case, a basic bordered woodchip area may be great, while if you’re looking to create a more upscale space for entertaining outdoors, you may want something more like a walled paver patio with a pergola or pavilion. If you have children or grandchildren around, be sure to think of what to add to entertain them. A playset can go a long way toward transforming a dull backyard into a play space that will keep them entertained and engaged for hours!

Once you’ve decided what you want, go ahead and add it! Here are some great places to start for arbors, pavilions, and gazebos, or playsets.

Step 4: Add Plants

Once you added the structures and larger things, it’s time to add some plants! Choosing plenty of large and small plants will go a long way towards really transforming your backyard space into the destination you want it to be. Think about what you’re looking to accomplish with plants and use that to determine which you want to get. You may want to add some privacy, make a secluded space, or beautify what is already there.

To create a more secluded area or shield from noise or sight, use larger plants, such as an arborvitae hedge, smaller trees such as dogwood, or shade trees. These larger plants can make massive changes in the look and feel of your backyard, changing it from an open, barren space to a quiet, lush oasis.

Once you’ve determined where all of the larger plants will be, smaller plants can be added to create even more privacy and beauty. Shrubs, perennials, and flowering annuals are all great for this. Things like hydrangeas, peonies, roses, and other flowering plants work very well for this too. Don’t forget to think beyond the flower beds! Things like climbing vines of ivy or wisteria on trellises or arbors and hanging planters of petunias or vertical planters with ferns can add some dramatic visual interest as contributing significantly to creating a lush oasis of relaxation.

Step 5: Add Furniture

Now that you’ve created the environment, it’s time to make it comfortable and inviting! Choose furniture for your backyard space, again based on what your goals are for the area:

A critical consideration beyond the furniture’s function is the style and material of the furniture you purchase. Some people may prefer the timeless appeal of wood, while you may instead be drawn to the low-maintenance long-lasting advantages of poly furniture. Whatever you decide, be sure to invest in high-quality furniture that will be comfortable and last for years. While it may be tempting to cut corners, purchasing an appealing furniture set or pieces that will last for years is something you won’t regret investing in.

And there you have it! While this guide may not answer every question that you have, it should give you a helpful framework for what to consider and how to approach turning your backyard area into the space of your dreams! Now you can create a backyard space that is beautiful, functional, and comfortable. The only thing to do now is get started!