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How We Practice Sustainability at Patiova

February 9, 2021

Sustainability is a topic of growing concern and interest, for a good reason. At Patiova, we’re no strangers to the idea, as it’s something we’ve been practicing for years. We take our responsibility to practice good stewardship and ensure we are using our materials well and in ways that don’t compromise sustainability or the environment.

All of the products that we build are made predominantly from materials that are either renewable or recycled. This means that we can continue making our products indefinitely and will always have the supplies we need without needing to harvest more non-renewable resources like fossil fuels or difficult to renew resources like old-growth hardwoods.

Our wood furniture and playsets are built from southern yellow pine wood, a renewable resource. We try to be diligent in our efforts to utilize materials to the fullest. For example, the scraps and shavings left over from production are used for mulch or wood pellets.

Our poly (short for polyethylene) products – like our Adirondack chairs, swings, and dining sets – are also very environmentally friendly, as they utilize recycled material in the poly that we use. The poly lumber used in our products, made primarily from recycled milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles, is broken down and formed into the poly boards we use to create our furniture.

These are some of the most significant ways we practice sustainability and stewardship. However, it goes far beyond just these practices. We always make an effort to do everything as efficiently as possible, producing as little waste as possible and caring for the planet and the people around us.