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Amish-Crafted, Deep Seating Modular Outdoor Furniture

Amish-Crafted, Deep Seating Modular Outdoor Furniture

More beautiful. More comfort. More premium-grade materials. More to love. The VaraMora collection converts your patio into a custom paradise that’s comfortable and designed to change and upgrade with you.

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Your Space, Your Rules

Explore the limitless possibilities with VaraMora modular furniture. This simple bolt-together system makes it easy to shop for the pieces you want, set them up how you like, and secure them in place. And when you’re ready to change it all up, your set is too!

What Does It Really Mean To Choose Amish Crafted?
It means you’ve chosen a product handled with pride and care. See what makes it the best with an inside look at our shop

Happiness Comes In All Shapes & Sizes

Buy the pieces you like now, reconfigure them however you like, add in more seating later — with this collection there are always more ways to enjoy it. What you see is only the beginning of what you get!

Throw pillows sold separately.
Amish-Stitched Fabric That Braves The Elements With Style

Rain, sun, wind, spills, and pets — our cushions are protected with Sattler’s fade-resistant and extremely durable (yet soft) outdoor performance fabric.

Choose Premium-Grade Poly That Doesn’t Trap Smoke Or Stains

Less expensive poly can be rough, pitted, and porous, absorbing smoke and wine. Our premium-grade, high-density poly is smooth and durable, outlasting other poly brands. Our craftsmen say it's like hardwood Oak vs. less-expensive, low-grade pine.

A Deep Seating Outdoor Modular Set Designed To Grow With You

With a high-density poly structure that’s built to last and swappable cushion colors, you can reconfigure the layout and design any time — your options are limitless with this outdoor sectional collection.

Breaking The 12 Million Ton Furniture Waste Cycle With Beyond Recycled Poly

Our high-density poly looks better out of the box and years later. Also, VaraMora only uses marine-grade fasteners. That’s better, higher-cost materials and great craftsmanship, all helping keep furniture out of our landfills.

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Get Started With 5 Easy Steps

From planning to selecting your design to ordering, we make it easy for you to love your outdoor space.


Measure your outdoor space.


Pick your layout & pieces.


Choose your colors & patterns.


Install & enjoy.

Easy To Order. Simple To Set Up. Lots To Love.

Each set is built by our Amish craftsmen and designed to easily be put together by you. We work hard to minimize our shipping boxes and thus take up less room in the shipping process. Half the size of our competition’s packaging means half the trips for everyone. Smart.