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Second-Chance Finds

Because we’re committed to keeping furniture out of landfills, you can find pieces with slight damage or wear from display at a discounted price here. It’s a simple and sustainable way to extend the lifespan of these products that deserve another chance and still offer lots to love.

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*Excluding pillows & extra cushions.
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5-Seat Sectional Set

This intimate set is perfect for entertaining friends and family.

What's Included

One 5-seat sectional, one Side Table and one Ottoman with hideaway tray. Pillows sold separately.

Regular Price | $6,761.00
Sale Price SOLD
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Modular Chair with Arms

Start your VaraMora collection with our modular chair with arms. This piece is elegant on its own, but other inserts can be added to create a unique arrangement or set of your own.

What's Included

One chair with arms. Pillow sold separately.

Regular Price | $1,210.00
Sale Price SOLD

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