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Amish Crafted — Patiova —

Why Choose Amish-Crafted?

At the heart of every Patiova piece lies the essence of true authentic Amish craftsmanship. It's a testament to those who refuse to compromise.

Care For Craftsmanship

At Patiova, we offer authentic 100% American-made, Amish-crafted outdoor furniture that’s made in-house and never partly built somewhere else. Our Amish craftsmen use only the best materials and the heritage building techniques they’ve perfected.

We’re hands-on with each piece we build, ensuring that every measurement is perfect, each joint is strong, and every finished piece is flawless.

Care For Community

What some call sustainability, we call commitment. Our modular deep seating collection is crafted with future generations in mind. That’s why we use the best FTC Green Standard-rated Tangent® poly. Every piece made reduces deforestation, is free of toxins and irritants, and isn’t chemically treated, ultimately making it a safer product for you.

And because it’s well-crafted, our furniture won’t be ready for the landfill after a few seasons, ultimately creating less waste compared to cheaply built alternatives.

What Does It Really Mean To Choose Amish Crafted?

It means you’ve chosen a product handled with pride and care. See what makes it the best with an inside look at our shop.

Want To Learn More About Us?

If your travels ever take you to the heart of Central Pennsylvania’s Amish region, we invite you to stop by our manufacturing facility. You can witness first-hand the beautiful intersection of tradition and innovation in the work we produce.

6649 North Moscow Rd,
Parkesburg, PA 19365

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